Bridgeport Felon


So one of my biggest pet peeves is the way race is used in the media to frame stories. Depending on the race of the victim, assailant, or hero the media will conjure up a different story.

Think about mass killings in America; school shootings to be exact. In almost all of those attacks the killer is white, however the media would not refer to this white male as a terrorist or even a murderer, instead he is a crazed shooter whom we should feel sorry for because of his mental instability.

Now I’m not saying that terrorists cannot have mental health problems but that specific reasoning is only sought out and acceptable when the killer is white. In any other terrorist attack the killings are senseless and heinous and the killers themselves are considered to be cold blooded animals.

The white murderer somehow remains a person even after killing 26 children, but the man of color who killed 1 or 100 innocent people is an animal. It’s so easy for the media to highlight people of color’s animalistic behaviors before and during the killings to basically suggest that “all people who look like them are animals”.

This connection between Blacks, specifically, and animals goes back to the times of slavery. White slave owners justified owning Blacks as slaves because Blacks weren’t considered human. Nope, Blacks were uncontrollable wild beasts that needed to be tamed by their owners. This same view has been watered down, but nonetheless people of color continue to lack humanistic characteristics which forces us Blacks to seem completely dichotomous to Whites.

The  words used to describe a crime committed by a black person is always so deliberate, yet careless. No one at the news station is thinking about a Black criminal’s family and how they would react to the judgemental and suggestive descriptors being used in a news story.

But somehow white criminals deserve this respect and consideration. Reporters and news writers are deliberate and extremely careful when describing a white criminal. The public is always asked to empathize or to understand what the white criminal was going through because obviously this behavior is not the norm for the white race. Whites could not allow the public to make assumptions about their race based off of one person’s actions – that would be ridiculous! (However, this is the norm for groups of color  and other minority groups.)

What truly prompted this rant was a local news article about a crime committed in Stratford, Connecticut.


Okay so some may ask “what’s wrong with the title?” Well for starters let’s all agree that this man is clearly white, or not black.

Now look closely at the title. It says that the man was driving with 28 pounds of heroine. This title is not demeaning, suggestive, or judgemental.

Without the title’s help if you read the article you would see that his obvious intent was to sell the heroine.

Now my issue is that if this was a black man the title who scream “Major Drug Bust: Drug Dealer Caught With 28 Pounds of Heroine”. The Black man would definitely receive a title with demeaning, suggestive, and judgemental words and tone. But somehow this man is classified as a driver and his dignity remains intact because he is white.

Now look at this other article from the same website, posted yesterday as well.


The title doesn’t just inform you that someone was arrested for the possession of a firearm, nope it also let’s you know that this person is a felon and nothing else. With the title’s demeaning, suggestive, and judgemental tone most readers will probably classify this man as a worthless criminal from Bridgeport, and most importantly from the use of words readers can assume that the criminal is BLACK just from the title. 🙄

I’m not sure if this angers others as much as it angers me, but I hope to at least shine light on the many ways people of color are mistreated. And hopefully we can work together to change the world!

An angry black girl,



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