2 Month Locversary


It’s been 2 months since I began my loc journey. Through this journey I’ve found that I’m probably one of the most impatient and indecisive people you will ever know. In the beginning I said that I wanted to free-form my locs but I find myself retwisting my roots every week.

Honestly, my retwists don’t last longer than a day or two because of this New Orleans humidity so it’s really not worth it. But I can’t stop! I feel compelled to retwist my locs if I’m going out and want to wear my hair uncovered. I still have that mindset that my locs need to look neat to be acceptable.

However, today I decided to break some of society’s rules. Today I went running in the park with my hair uncovered and without a fresh retwist. My locs were wild and unruly. I could feel people staring at me and I knew my locs were standing up tall like Alfalfa’s hair but I didn’t care.




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