The “One”


What is love? I mean I know what it means to love my mom, sisters and family. But is that love the same type of love you have for your partner?

For a long time I thought it was. I thought all it took to love someone [a guy for me] was to have the same feelings for him as I do for my family. You know, care about him, want the best for him, share secrets with him, get mad at and forgive him – the same way I do with my sisters.

But I’m learning that being in love with a partner is so much more. I have yet to experience this love, but I know to be in love isn’t like the love I have for Momma Syl – to be in love has to be bigger. In my 24 years on Earth I have loved 2 guys similar to the way that I love my family. Although I’m not with either guy I still want the best for them. But that’s not the love that everyone gets hype over, it can’t be.

Many call me a hopeless romantic, and some call me crazy but I think you can only “fall in love” with the one. Yes, I truly believe that there is a one for everyone! I can’t really write about the one or what I imagine this love to be like because I haven’t experienced it yet. But I do imagine that it’s magical, but not all sweet – I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and to be in love has to be a mutual feeling between both involved.

To be honest I’ve kissed my fair share of frogs but I haven’t given up yet. In reality I’m not waiting for a prince to come and rescue me, instead I’m waiting for that aha moment – when I just know! I’m waiting until I meet someone I can’t get enough of, someone I want to grow with and start a family with. I know it sounds like something out of a movie, but unlike Hollywood, I know that real love is raw and not perfect.

Personally real love is something I sort of seek, not because I’m lonely but because I want to experience it for myself. For me, I know my soul mate is out there and we’ll find each other eventually through God’s guidance. It’s just that with the help of social media I’m seeing everyone get engaged and I find myself stopping to view everyone’s wedding photos. I’m even obsessed with shows like “Say Yes To The Dress” and I tear up listening to people’s engagement stories. It’s my guilty pleasure and I’m sure it’s a lot of other women’s g.p. as well; it’s like I’m planning my wedding to a man that I have not even met yet.

To be honest, I feel a little pressured by society and family to get married and start a family. Because of these pressures, I don’t think people wait to find the one – they find some one that seems right. And I think this is why divorce rates are so high and why many don’t want to get married. Truthfully, your one could be in another country right now but if you’re so eager to get married because you’re already 25 years old and society tells you to settle down, then that’s exactly what you do, you settle.

At the same time I could remain single until I’m 40 because I’m holding on to finding the one, which could be complete crap. I don’t know and I don’t have the answers. All I know is that I am certain that when the times’ right God will make love happen!




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