Locus of Control

As my 24th birthday approaches I¬†find myself reflecting on what I’ve accomplished so far and where I’m headed. In 2014 I¬†graduated from UConn with a B.S. in Business Administration and some would say that I should be proud and I am, but I don’t use my degree at all.

Screenshot (11)

Instead, after graduation I joined Teach For America to teach middle school science. I’m all about empowering Black¬†youth but¬†I can’t help but to feel like this¬†is not my life’s calling. I can see myself teaching for the next few years, but then what?

A part of me would love to continue to do work in education, while another part of me would love to do something cool and creative. And a bigger part of me just wants to skip ahead and start a family, travel the world, and make money. But how do I get there?

Honestly I still don’t know. But I know that I can’t stress myself out trying to pick the right career path to perfectly plan out my future. I’ve had to learn the hard way that there are¬†only a few things within my locus of control. With this new mindset¬†I’ve decided to be in control of my happiness and success. And to do that I’ve created a list of goals that I wish to accomplish within the next seven years.

Personal Goals
– buy a car
Рmaintain a healthy body weight
– grow my locs to my shoulders
Рeat mostly vegetables
Рstart a blog 
Рget a certificate in a trade or skill
– find a church home
– practice positivity

Financial Goals
– $15,000 saved in savings & investments
Рbegin laying the foundation of my own business

Fun Goals
– zip lining
– snorkeling
– visiting another country for 3 weeks to 2 months
– hiking somewhere famous
– camping with friends
– vacation with sisters and boyfriends ūüôŹ
– visit Jamaica
– visit Greece
– visit Dominican Republic
– visit Virgin Islands

Family Goals
– long term relationship/engagement
– marriage
– moving in together
– buying a home/building a tiny home
– agreeing to have kids

Truthfully not everything on my list is entirely within my locus of¬†control. However, accomplishing¬†these goals will allow me to finally feel successful. I know that there are¬†a ton of goals¬†on my list, and¬†some¬†may think it’s impossible to achieve¬†ALL of them, but it gives me satisfaction to know what I want and to have the ability to cross things off when they’ve been accomplished.

And plus, seven years is a long time Рanything is possible!



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