Mr. Williams 💖


I admire Jesse Williams so much for standing up and speaking his truth, our truth! I just wish more people with his platform or greater did equivalent work. Even more, I wish more of us regular people stood up. Similar to what Jesse said, we have to restructure this system ourselves and those who aren’t with us now will HAVE to get with it eventually.

I think a lot of people, especially those of color, are frightened to speak up. In my experience, I’ve been told that “this [racism] is just how the world is”, “you have to bite your tongue to succeed”, and the most upsetting “you have to play the white man’s game until you get where you want to go”. I think we are all aware of how wrong it is that the world operates by oppressing and marginalizing groups, but so little of us are brave enough to do anything about it.

Blacks are constantly ridiculed, put down and dehumanized, and are rarely ever praised for their contributions to the world or for their magical presence. We deserve more, but we have to fight for it.


Be brave. Stand up. And fight. 



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