3 Month Locversary


I’ve finally reached my 3 month mark!

All of the videos and articles I’ve read said it will take about 3 months for my hair to begin locing. So this should be an exciting time for me … but it isn’t!

If you read my very first post about my locs then you know that locing your hair takes patience and determination. Personally I don’t think I have either one of those characteristics.

During the first week of June I started to hate my locs. When I began my locs at the end of March I intentionally parted my hair into big sections to achieve thicker locs. Well unfortunately my hair is not naturally thick – so although my parts were large my two strand twist were setting me up to have thinner locs.

So I made the decision to change things up. Remember when I first began my locs I started each section with a braid and two strand twisted the rest? Well I decided to comb out my twists. But in my combing madness I chose not to comb out the braids, but to loosen them instead.

What I did next is what I should’ve done from the beginning. I braided the very ends of my sections, leaving the middle untouched and nappy. I’ve seen a lot of free formers put rubber bands on the bottom of a section to hold it together much like my braids.

Then I twisted each section around my finger like I would if I were doing bantu knots. I twisted two sections at a time and then used those sections to create two strand twists. I left the two strand twists in overnight and took them out in the morning. The two strand twists were used to hold everything in place and acted like typical clips that some people with locs use.

Personally, the two strand twists left my hair wavy and provided my locs with a great foundation – they finally looked and felt like locs.


This past week I did my most recent retwist using Murray’s loc hold wax (or something) for the first time. I think I’m coming to realize that until my locs loc, they may need some extra assistance from a little product.

I honestly think now my locs have a better chance of being the big, thick locs that I want. Again, I only have 27 locs so the bigger the better.

I know that locs naturally happen with my hair texture so I need to leave my hair alone and let it do its thing. I’m going to try holding out on retwisting, washing, and rinsing my locs until July 11th.

Wish me luck! 



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