The Power of Faith


This past month has been a difficult one. My finances were low, I got sick (and misdiagnosed with a kidney stone) and everything around me seemed to be crumbling. Everyday when I logged onto Facebook or turned on the TV I was reminded that racism is definitely alive and well. All of these things, these issues, began to consume me. I was angry and extremely unhappy, with the world and myself. 

Examples of things I dealt with this past month: My car insurance rate increased, out of the blue my back began to hurt and I could barely walk, this presidential election seemed to be a complete joke, people of color were being murdered by cops left and right, and my white friends weren’t doing enough to show their support for black lives matter but showed their support for pokèmon go. 🙄

Each and every one of those events felt like a personal attack against me. So personal that I had gotten to the point where I was fine not being friends with people that did not vocally support BLM. So personal that lately I’ve been using social media less and less to completely avoid the news and some of my ignorant “friends”.

In reality I have been wanting to blog about my perspective on the black lives matter movement and police brutality, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. I’ve voiced my opinion on Facebook and many people have told me that my words are inspiring to them. But in a world so cruel where am I supposed to get MY inspiration from? 

Luckily I know this wonderful man named Jesus Christ who has guided me to peace throughout my life and during these past few weeks. Reading the bible keeps me sane, happy and healthy. Faith in whoever or whatever you follow is important, especially in trying times.

Believe me, God is always listening. Say thanks for what you have and pray for what you need.



Sometimes you just have to let go and let God! Doing so, I was able to come out of that dark place and right now things are on the up and up for me. I just started a new job, got a better grip on my finances, started a black lives matter cohort so I can surround myself with people who are like minded, and all of my body aches have ceased at the moment.

And you know what? That was all possible because I had faith in God!

God bless,



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