4 Month Locversary


It’s been 4 months since I started my locs šŸ¤— I’ve been allowing my hair to grow and do its own thing with minimal manipulation this past month- so that means less shampooing and less retwists.


+ Positives +

+ My my hair has grown a lot

+ It’s very low maintenance

– Negatives –

– My hair is always dry (which is 100% my fault)

– My retwists only last about a day

– Some of my locs are flattening out – which happens during free form, but I really don’t want flat locs


Right nowĀ I’m working on a balance between retwisting and free forming. And moisturizing my scalp and locs! It’s been 4 months and it’s still aĀ learning process!

* To achieve the look in the pictures I sprayed my hair with water and rubbed a quarter sized amount of LUSH’s Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy all over my locs and two strand twisted my locs together.



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