Do You Believe in Karma?

imageDo you believe that there’s just this natural system of checks and balances that keeps track of all the good and ugly you put out into the world, and gives you back what you dished out?

I do. I believe that bad things happen to everyone to keep us humble and to remind us to trust in God. But I truly believe that good things happen to those who are good.

I know that I’m no angel but as I get older and mature, I realize that life is so much more worth living when things are positive. And we all know that positivity breeds more positivity (and the inverse is true as well).

I lay up at night thinking about my near and distant future and most nights I worry. Will I ever find my perfect job or spouse? Will I make enough money? Will I be happy?

And most nights I tell myself not to worry. If I do good, then my karma will be good.



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