Dear Future Husband,

How are you doing?

I know you’re out there probably dating around. You probably don’t know what you want from your lover. Honestly, you probably don’t know how you want to be loved.

Or maybe you’re just turned off to the idea of love. You’ve probably had your heart broken by your first love and now you don’t trust women.

These relationships that you’re in aren’t quite enough. You know that these women are place holders and you probably don’t think you’re ready for anything serious.

Well with all that said, I just want you to know that I love you. Whoever you are!

You are man enough – and you deserve to be loved. And when we say I do, I promise to love you until the end of time.

Now that I’ve stroked your ego enough … here’s what I need from you my Future Husband:

– First, I need you to make time for me. “I need love and affection!” Little gestures like flowers, cards, or handwritten notes will make my heart melt.

– And most importantly, I need you to open up your heart to me. Let me in, allow me to know your deepest fears and your future ambitions. Deep connections mean more than physical ones.

Future Husband I know you’ll understand! These things (along with chemistry)are all I need. You know what they say “a happy wife, equals a happy life!”

I can’t wait to meet you !



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