What Color Makes You Happy?


Years ago this boy I was seeing at the time asked me “What color makes you happy?” 

Initially his question caught me off guard. I was use to the whole “what’s your favorite color and food” questionnaire from boys – you know those basic conversations – so I kinda just sat there froze.

#1 my brain was like “mmm mmm mmm this man is deep!” 😍

And, #2 I had never thought about colors in the sense of emitting feelings and emotions.

So it took me a while to answer. I closed my eyes and I ran all the colors of the rainbow through my head. Then I imagined myself on a day where everything was gray and dull. I asked myself, “what’s the one thing, that if it had color, would make this day 100 times brighter?” And that’s when I knew.

The color that brings me pure joy and happiness is green.


I was asked this question nearly 5 years ago and it’s something that hasn’t escaped me. On days when I’m feeling lost and depressed, I go out into nature because green plants and trees center, calm, and balance me. Before that color conversation with “Mr. Deep” I didn’t know why I liked being outdoors a lot but now I do.

** It may also explain why I like money so much 💵😝 JK

But honestly, if you’ve never thought about what colors bring joy to your life I suggest that you do. It’ll put a lot into perspective and may even help you manage your mood during your most shittiest of days. With our day to day stresses and depressions, it’s important to add slivers of happiness where we can.





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