Surprise! I’m …

PREGNANT! 33 weeks pregnant to be exact.

I’m definitely one of those people who likes to hold my information close to myself. I barely even wanted to tell family  … not because I was ashamed but because it was my business to tell. But anyone who has had their parents’ first grandchild knows that the news seems to find its way out anyway.


This was me trying to be in control of loose lips 😂

After telling family, there was the whole debacle of when to share the news on social networks. A part of me wanted to post weekly updates because they were cute and pregnant women received a lot of love from their online friends. But there was another part of me that didn’t really care about that. Again, I’m a private person. So I settled on a compromise! I decided that I would finally make my mother to be status public when I completed my maternity photo shoot. And I stuck to that.

The amount of love and support I received was overwhelming, in a good way! I’m sure there’s plenty of moms to be who wonder if they should share their pregnancy with the public and honestly it’s a personal choice! Do whatever makes you comfortable.


I’m not sure how much I’ll share with the world after giving birth – who knows, this blog could easily turn into a mommy blog. I guess we’ll just wait and see!



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