7 Year Plan Update

Last year I wrote down my 7 year plan which includes the things that I want to accomplish by age 31. I wrote this list to keep me motivated and focused as I maneuver throughout life.

And since life is ever changing and I’m having a sweet baby girl this fall, I have decided to edit the plan and see what I’ve accomplished so far βœ…. This allows me to praise myself just a bit and keep pushing forward.

I’ve also added some new goals and chosen specific ones that I want to achieve by the end of 2018 πŸ”…. This way I won’t get overwhelmed with trying to accomplish all of my goals at once.

Personal Goals
βœ… buy a car (my baby Snow)
– maintain a healthy body weight πŸ”…
– grow my locs to my shoulders πŸ”…
– eat mostly vegetables
βœ… start a blog (which you’re reading right now)
βœ… get a certificate in a trade or skill (certificate in Critical Issues in Urban Education and I’m currently enrolled at UMass)
– find a church home
βœ… practice positivity (yoga and reading the Bible)
βœ… relocate outside of NOLA
– relocate outside of CT

Financial Goals
– $15,000 saved in savings & investments
– lay the foundation of my own business πŸ”…

Fun Goals
– zip lining
– snorkeling
– visiting another country for 3 weeks to 2 months
– hiking somewhere famous πŸ”…
– camping with friends
– vacation with sisters and boyfriends
– visit Jamaica
– visit Greece
– visit Dominican Republic
– visit Virgin Islands
– visit DC πŸ”…
– visit Washington state πŸ”…

Family Goals
– long term relationship/engagement
– marriage
– moving in together
– buying a home/building a tiny home
βœ… have kids (she’s almost here)

If you ever feel stuck or you’re just a list person like me I highly recommend that you create a long term plan and start checking off your accomplishments. Believe me, it feels great!



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