Do You?

The overall backlash that the neo-nazi, white supremacy, alt-right and KKK groups have received is amazing. However! And I’m sorry to be this person in the room … however some of you super righteous white folks that condemn white supremacy actually participate in upholding certain structures that empower these groups.

So let’s play a little game! Answer the following questions and see where you fall when it comes to certain everyday scenarios.

You may not be a white supremacist, but …

1. – do you clutch your purse when a black man walks by?
2. – do you assume that a group of black kids are up to no good?
3. – do you get annoyed at the presence of a group of black women because you think they’re loud and obnoxious?
4. – do you question a black cashier and ask for the manager?
5. – do you get shocked when the black cashier is the manager?
6. – do you think black people are stealing your jobs?
7. – do you think black kids go to college for free?
8. – do you think black culture is non existent?
9. – do you think hip hop is not real music?
10. – do you think black people are aggressive?
11. – do you think black people be “doing too much”?
12. – do you think black parents are abusive as a whole?
13. – do you think people would look better if they had lighter skin?
14. – do you think natural hair is exotic?
15. – do you touch black peoples hair, skin, etc in amazement?
16. – do you say the n word when around your white peers? EVER?
17. – do you second guess your black coworkers opinion or suggestion for no legitimate reason?
18. – do you think black people are ruining this country?
19. – do you let Uncle Bill talk about black people at thanksgiving?
20. – do you say every pretty black girl looks like Beyoncé?
21. – do you tell black people they look like the one other black person you know?
22. – do you rant on Facebook about injustices done to black people but not live by example?
23. – do you demonstrate the white savior complex?
24. – do you think little black kids need white teachers?
25. – do you ignore the governments’ historical and current plots to destroy and control the black communities?
26. – do you make fun of black peoples names?
27. – do you ask “well what did he/she do?” when you hear about a black person being shot and killed by a police officer?
28. – do you say all lives matter?
29. – do you argue that black on black crime is a real issue in the black community in response to BLM?
30. – do you reminisce about going to a “dangerous” inner city when you were young and rebellious?
31. – do you teach in an inner city but know you’d never send your child to school there?
32. – do you get drunk and start using racial slurs?
33. – do you ignore the fact that inner cities are typically in run down areas with poor air quality and high exposure to chemicals?
34. – do you tell people you’re not racist because you have black friends?
35. – do you say “I don’t see color, I’m colorblind” or “love has no color”?
36. – do you think black people are lazy?
37. – do you think black women abuse government assistance?
38. – do you think the confederate flag and related statues are just a part of American history?
39. – do you refer to MLK when you talk about successful black people because he’s the only one you know?
40. – do you judge all black people based on the actions of one black person?
41. – do you think the idea of cultural appropriation is taking it too far?
42. – do you refer to black people or neighborhoods as ghetto?
43. – do you think President Obama was the black community’s reparations?
44. – do you think black people are stuck on the past? i.e. slavery and segregation
45. – do you truly believe that the orange man is responsible for our country being divided?
46. – do you empathize more with the victims of the holocaust than victims of slavery?
47. – do you think black history month is good enough?
48. – do you think it’s wrong that BET exists?
49. – do you grow tired of black people saying they’re oppressed?
50. – do you negatively judge a black person because they’ve done well for themselves?
51. – do you think black men are criminals that’s why a lot of them are in prison?
52. – do you think racism is old and dead?

Oh believe me I have more questions, but if you can answer yes to any ONE of these questions then you sir/ma’am are apart of a larger system that oppresses black people. This isn’t just for whites, this is for all races. The point I’m trying to make is that if you want to be a part of changing America then you need to check yourself first.



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