First Of All…

Imagine that you’ve been going steady with this guy …


You and Greg have been dating for almost a month now and things are great! You have similar personalities and a lot in common, which makes it easy to talk for hours without it getting awkward.

Greg’s in school to become a dentist so he’s pretty busy, but when he is free he makes sure to make time for you. He’s a sweetheart and loves to take you out. But tonight you’re in the mood to Netflix and Chill, however you don’t want to come on too strong. Luckily Greg just texted you to ask if he could bring you dinner tonight. You smile from ear to ear realizing once again that you two are really always on the same page!

You agree and he says he’s on his way. Now you’re giddy and excited like a little school girl! You freshen up and tidy up your apartment. He’s never visited your place so your nervous about his first impression. You light a candle to set the mood, but decide to put on basic leggings and a t-shirt so you avoid looking like you’re trying too hard.

Finally! Greg calls, he’s outside. You let him in and he instantly embraces you. His hug warms you and gives you butterflies. Instantly you can tell that tonight’s gunna be a good night. You decide to show Greg around your apartment before diving into the Thai food he picked up for you. Afterwards you two settle on the couch with the takeout. You sit very close to each other with your knees touching. You agree to watch something chill like Bob’s Burgers so you wouldn’t really care if you missed a scene or two.

Now you’re both done eating and you move closer together, to you know Netflix and chill. Greg starts to stare at you making you blush. He gently moves in to kiss you on the cheek and you get a whiff of his breathe. It nearly knocks you TF out! You secretly check your own breath to make sure it wasn’t you, but luckily your breath just smells like peanut sauce.  Now you’re utterly confused! You both ate the same thing for dinner.

And then Greg leans in again. This time to kiss you on the lips. But now you’re certain! His breath is brutal. You come to the conclusion that he’s got to have several dying teeth in his mouth for it to smell that terrible. But what’s worse is that he’s completely unaware!

You don’t want to be rude, but you can’t take it anymore. So this time when he leans in for a kiss you awkwardly jump up and blurt out that you forgot that you have to get up early tomorrow morning.

Greg takes the hint and heads to the door. You apologize, but he seems understanding. Before leaving he leans in for a final kiss. You panic! You don’t know what to do. So you turn your face to the left allowing him to kiss you on your cheek. And thankfully he leaves.

Now you’re alone and you can’t stop laughing as you clean up the Thai food. Then you get a text from Greg. It says “Why did you wanna Netflix and chill if you was gunna act like that?” You start your reply “First of all”…


Ok. Let’s be real!

Would you tell him the truth? Leave a comment telling me how you would’ve responded to Greg after this failed Netflix and chill date.  

Personally I really don’t know what I would’ve said. If I wanted to continue seeing him I probably would’ve made up a little white lie. It’s hilarious because he’s a dentistry student with gingivitist!!

Many parts of this date from hell story are not true. However, there was a time when I was seeing a guy whose breath ended our relationship. It was just that simple! #HygieneMatters 😭



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