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Loc Update

It’s been about a year and a half (give or take a few months) since I’ve loc’d my hair and boy has it grown! 🎉🎉🎉 My hair has never been this healthy to be completely honest.


As you can see my locs have been dying for a retwist and this has been my first real retwist in months. My goal is to remain super low maintenance and only retwist for the upcoming holidays because I want my locs to be shoulder length by this time next year.


FYI: I dyed my locs using a permanent blonde dye to lighten my hair and a semi permanent magenta-purple for the color and I love it 😍

In July I did braids over my locs for my maternity photo shoot and baby shower. Any look is doable with locs, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s a limiting hairstyle, because it’s not. I’ve even see girls wear long, luscious wigs over their dreads! So again, any look is possible with locs. If you’ve been considering loc’ing your hair just do it! It’s the best hair decision I’ve ever made.



Race in Marketing: Shea Moisture

As a black woman, I’ve gone through many phases with my hair. Luckily over the past 10 years there’s been a huge movement for us black women to diss the popular portrayals of beauty and to love our natural hair.

Finding products was typically easy. YouTubers, bloggers and friends recommended products and brands and we created routines. Actually many of us included Shea Moisture products in our daily hair care routine.

We fell in love with Shea Moisture’s products; the fragrance, the naturalness, and most importantly, the blackness.

We helped build this company up. Raving about their ethics and products. Finally Shea Moisture, something black owned, began to feel successful … then BOOM!💥


Shea Moisture wanted to defy odds, wanted to break down walls in beauty aisles, and wanted to be more “inclusive”. They released an ad with only one black girl with loose curls down her back and far too many white girls discussing their struggles growing up with their hair types. (Struggles … you’ve got to be kidding right?!)

I studied marketing during undergrad, and I’m all for expanding your consumer market. However, I’m not okay with a black brand practically erasing its blackness to become a more household name for white America.

Too often we’re taught to reject our blackness to be successful. But that cycle has to stop somewhere. I honestly think marketing is the perfect field to defy odds – however, business executives need to hire more people of color so our opinions are heard before the release of a stupid ass ad!




One Year Locversary



It’s been an interesting year, but we made it. My locs are officially one years old!!

How did you start your locs?

For those of you who don’t know, I started my locs with 27 two strand twists. A few months into having my locs I combed some out and braided them, then I interlocked them, and then tried to un- interlock them.

Why did you loc your hair? 

I loc’d my hair because 1. I think locs are a symbol of strength 2. I was over the medias ideas of beauty … and the nailer was 3. I hated taking care of my fro. My hair type is 4c, but thin and super soft. All products weighed it down but without product my hair broke off. Honestly, I just couldn’t get it right.

Dreads are a long term commitment. Do you regret your decision?

Every time I watched a different YouTuber they had a different method of retwisting and starting locs and I started to doubt myself. I was confused and at one point I wanted to comb out my locs and go back to my fro.

But there was also a part of me that didn’t want to give up. And I’m so happy I didn’t. I love my locs; they’re a perfect representation of my spirit and personality. ✨

How often do you retwist?

Early on I retwisted my locs every two weeks to help shape them. Then I upgraded to retwisting once a month. And then finally I was able to go three months without it.

Waiting longer is good for my hair type because my hair is thin and breaks easily from tension. So allowing my hair to breathe, stretch, shake, and grow is more beneficial in the long run.

What’s your daily regimen? 

Everyday I spray my locs with either water or rose water and I moisturize my new growth with a light oil. Weekly I use the Wild Hair Growth oil on my scalp. It’s a nice, thick oil that stimulates the scalp and hydrates so well that I never have a dry scalp.

I try to keep it simple. I only use additional products when I retwist to limit build up.

What about washing your locs? Do you do it often? 

I shampoo my locs monthly, give or take a few weeeks. I absolutely love using Lush Cosmetics shampoo bars on my locs. Honestly, I used them on my loose hair too. These little shampoo bars are packed full of important oils and ingredients for your hair.

Each one is different and made for a specific purpose. I’m currently switching back and forth between New (which stimulates the scalp) and Jason and the Argan Oil (which softens and hydrates your hair). Each bar lasts for about 80 shampoos so they’re 1000000% worth it.

What are your loc goals? 

Over this past year, my locs have grown so much and I’ve learned a ton from the loc community. And now I’m more aware of the look I want to ultimately achieve. I envision myself with mid-back length locs worn in infinite styles. 👸🏾

And the journey continues.


11 Month Locversary

So the plan was to wait until April to retwist my locs, but I couldn’t resist. Over the past few months my locs (and new growth) became so knotty and intertwined that it hurt to move my locs. So I retwisted them – well I did a light retwist because I plan to go all out for my one year locversary.

I must say, I am still very much in love with my locs. The size, the movement, the freedom. I just love them!

Check back in a month for my complete 1 year update!


10 Month Locversary

Okay! So I’m just 2 months away from my one year anniversary. I have not re twisted my locs since December and it feels good. I’m already super low maintenance, so I’ve just been keeping my locs hydrated and that’s about it.

I’ve been using Wild Hair Growth oil a few times a week on my scalp and I moisturize daily with rose water. I also switched to the argon oil shampoo from LUSH, which is amazing! All these things together leave my locs super soft and light.

Ten months later and I’m still in love with them ❤️



8 Month Locversary

My hair is growing so much and I’m learning to do more with it 😍


I even did an updo for a Christmas party. It was so cute! Some days I get sad because I want my fro back. I look at Instagram pictures of girls with natural hair and their tutorial videos and I feel like I’m missing out.  But I can honestly say I love my locs and I don’t regret this decision at all. I can’t wait to see them at my 1 year ani ❤