What Color Makes You Happy?

Years ago this boy I was seeing at the time asked me "What color makes you happy?"  Initially his question caught me off guard. I was use to the whole "what's your favorite color and food" questionnaire from boys - you know those basic conversations - so I kinda just sat there froze. #1 my brain was like "mmm … Continue reading What Color Makes You Happy?

Dear Future Husband,

How are you doing? I know you're out there probably dating around. You probably don't know what you want from your lover. Honestly, you probably don't know how you want to be loved. Or maybe you're just turned off to the idea of love. You've probably had your heart broken by your first love and … Continue reading Dear Future Husband,

Locus of Control

As my 24th birthday approaches I find myself reflecting on what I've accomplished so far and where I'm headed. In 2014 I graduated from UConn with a B.S. in Business Administration and some would say that I should be proud and I am, but I don't use my degree at all. Instead, after graduation I joined Teach … Continue reading Locus of Control