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11 Month Locversary

So the plan was to wait until April to retwist my locs, but I couldn’t resist. Over the past few months my locs (and new growth) became so knotty and intertwined that it hurt to move my locs. So I retwisted them – well I did a light retwist because I plan to go all out for my one year locversary.

I must say, I am still very much in love with my locs. The size, the movement, the freedom. I just love them!

Check back in a month for my complete 1 year update!



10 Month Locversary

Okay! So I’m just 2 months away from my one year anniversary. I have not re twisted my locs since December and it feels good. I’m already super low maintenance, so I’ve just been keeping my locs hydrated and that’s about it.

I’ve been using Wild Hair Growth oil a few times a week on my scalp and I moisturize daily with rose water. I also switched to the argon oil shampoo from LUSH, which is amazing! All these things together leave my locs super soft and light.

Ten months later and I’m still in love with them ❤️



7 Month Locversary

Damnnnnn! I’ve had locs longer than I can keep a man 😂

My locs are still going strong! I haven’t washed them in a while so they are due for a shampoo and retwist. Unfortunately I have been battling with dryness so I stopped retwisting weekly. I’ve researched solutions and most people with locs use rose water. Sadly I cannot find any locally, so instead I’ve been using this hair toner from Shea Moisture, which I really like.